Welcome to my site. Here you can find a selection of things I have written and would like to share, as well as some music and musings. I would welcome hearing from you and hope you will be in touch via email:dudleyweaver@gmail.com or via Facebook.

   I presently serve as pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida, and previously served as pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon; Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC; First Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia; Westminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC; and Hodges Presbyterian Church, Hodges, SC (where I began my ministry).
   I am very happy and content in my present pastorate and count myself fortunate to serve with an outstanding staff and a great congregation. St. Augustine is a beautiful place to live with the perfect climate, wonderful people from across the country and the world, and a steady flow of tourists who yet enrich our church and community life.

  I invite you to peruse the various pages here which include musings, recordings, and other writings. You will find a few books which I have written over the years and which are available for puchase. I've also included a variety of helpful brochures which anyone is free to download and duplicate. All I ask is that you give me credit on the publication. Please take a moment to write me, if you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, and I would be delighted if you were to register as a member of the site.

Memorial Presbyterian Church
east entrance

_Schutt, Ed, Organ Concert, edited

Books now available on Amazon Kindle:

A Primer for Presbyterians


From Wilderness to Empty Tomb:

Devotional Reflections on the Gospel of Mark 

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